Crouse-Hinds by EATON




Combination Surge Protection Products

Although our surge technologies supply many unique and diverse stand alone protection devices, there may…


Data and Signal Surge Protection

Induced surges and transient voltages can destroy or, perhaps more worryingly, render inaccurate sensitive control…


Fieldbus Surge Protection

The fieldbus system by the very nature of the environment in which it will be…


FSM - Surge

MTL has chosen to obtain Functional Safety Management (FSM) certification for the company. FSM means…


Network and Comms Surge Protection

Network technologies from the Internet to LANs have revolutionised the way businesses operate.


Power Surge Protection

Surges and spikes from nearby lightning strikes, arc - welders and high voltage cables can…


Specialist Surge Protection Products

Surge Technologies have a wealth of experience in the design and manufacture of surge protection…

Surge Integrated Solutions

Integrated Solutions combine the expertise in Surge Protection and Industrial Ethernet connectivity with innovative cabinet…


Telecoms Surge Protection

Highly-integrated, small-signal telecommunications equipment is becoming increasingly sensitive to damage and disruption from voltage surges…